About Us

PT. Pawitra Media Nuswantara also known as Kampoong Monster Studios is a startup computer animation studio located in Bandung, Indonesia. The studio behind “Vienetta Negeri Terakhir” brings imagination to life through animated films. Kampoong Monster has capabilities of technical, creative and production to create new generation of animated films, comics, merchandise and other related products.

Kampoong Monster’s objective is to combine open source technology and extraordinary creative talent to develop computer-animated films with local content and massive universe of stories that appeal to audiences of all ages.

Our Portfolio
  • Vienetta Negeri Terakhir
  • Dedication of Life
  • Pitung Nextgen
  • Teaser The Gooseberry Project
  • Nagi and Friends
  • Security Awareness
Our Team
Ramdhan Dwi Putra

Chief Executive Officer

Aditia A. Pratama

Technical Director

Firman Shulthony

Music and Sound Director

Wahyu Adhi

Business Development

Fandi Alfiansah

Art Director

Chaerul Abdillah

3D Generalist

Ana Nirwana

3D Modeler and Rigger

Asep Anto

Texture Artist

Concept Art 93%
Modelling 85%
Texturing 82%
Shading & Lighting 95%
Rigging 80%
Animation 93%
Rendering 84%
Motion Tracking 89%
Compositing 94%
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Special for Indonesian Student.

Bagi kamu yang ingin magang, tolong kirimkan link cv dan portofolio kamu melalui form kontak, kamu bisa menggunakan Dropbox atau Google Drive untuk mengirimkan link nya.

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